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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I hear immediately following activation of Cochlear Implant?

Hearing with a cochlear implant is different than hearing with a hearing aid. A cochlear implant uses electrical impulses to send the signal to the brain. The adjustment period for hearing with a cochlear implant varies from patient to patient. Factors to consider are the length of the hearing loss, use of hearing aids prior to implantation, active in aural rehabilitation exercises, and having a good support system at home.

Is my insurance in network?

Dr. McElveen is in network with most insurance companies.

Do you offer demo hearing aids?

Demo hearing aids are available if necessary; although your Doctor of Audiology will determine the most appropriate manufacturer and style for your hearing loss based of an in depth conversation.

Why are appointments by physician referral only?

Dr. McElveen is a subspecialist and our clinic requires a doctor-to-doctor referral to ensure continuity of care.

What are the requirements for cochlear implant candidacy?

A cochlear implant evaluation is necessary to determine candidacy based on specific requirements outlined by insurance.

Do we need a physician referral for Audiological Services?

Services performed by our Doctors of Audiology do not need a physician referral.

What happens if my hearing aid needs repair?

If your devices cannot be serviced in the office, it will be sent to the manufacturer for repair. We offer loaner hearing aids for you to use while your devices are being repaired.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids are prescription fit devices and depending on your lifestyle and hearing loss prices vary. We are very competitively priced and work with Care Credit to help with payment if necessary.

What's the difference between sudden versus gradual onset hearing loss?

If you have a sudden loss in hearing it is important to be seen as soon as possible because in many instances, it can be treatable.


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