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Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

Surgical Procedure:  Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

Indications for Surgery:  Bone conduction hearing loss, single sided deafness (SSD), and congenital atresia.

Anesthesia:  General

Surgical Time:  1 –1.5 hr

Hospital Admission:  Outpatient

Surgical Procedure:  The titanium implant is placed during a short surgical procedure and over time naturally integrates with the skull bone. For hearing, the sound processor transmits sound vibrations through the external abutment to the titanium implant.

Miscellaneous:  Baha is used to help people with chronic ear infections, congenital external auditory canal atresia and single sided deafness who cannot benefit from conventional hearing aids. The system is surgically implanted and allows sound to be conducted through the bone rather than via the middle ear - a process known as direct bone conduction.