Camp Woodbine is a free, one day event designed as a retreat for hearing impaired children and their families. The Camp was founded by John T. McElveen, Jr. MD in honor of his father, a decorated WWII P-51 fighter pilot, whose "call sign" was "Woodbine 80".

Camp Woodbine will provide socialization, language stimulation and communication opportunities in a safe, fun and convenient environment for children and their families. The families will have the opportunity to interact with each other, share experiences, and exchange information. The camp will also allow parents to network with other families that are facing similar issues as well as attend educational classes while their children enjoy the camp activities.

Other groups, including children with disabilities, pediatric cancer patients and children facing other life-threatening or debilitating ailments will also utilize the camp.

Camp Woodbine is about making new friends, sharing experiences, strengthening the family unit through better communication, making memories and not worrying about being different due to disabilities or illness.


How much does it cost?

Camp Woodbine is a FREE event, sponsored by the Carolina Ear Research Institute.

Who is invited?

Hearing impaired children age three and above, and their families.

When does Camp Woodbine happen?

Camp Woodbine is held annually in the fall. Please check the website for updates.

Can we drop off the kids and pick them up later?

No. Parents or guardians are not allowed to leave their children at the camp. However, educational booths provided by companies that service the hearing impaired community will be set up to provide information to parents. While the children enjoy camp woodbine, parents are encouraged to visit these booths and learn about what is new in the hearing impaired community.

Is it okay to arrive late?

No. We are not set-up to accommodate late arrivals.

What activities will take place at Camp Woodbine?

We offer a range of age appropriate activities related to the camp theme and other fun field day type events. Lunch is provided for all attendees.

What should we wear?

Camp activities take place mostly outdoors and campers should come prepared. We do not cancel for inclement weather. Please check the forecast and dress appropriately.



November 04, 2023


12701 Six Forks Rd., Raleigh, NC 27614


Hearing impaired children age 3 and above and their families


Free! Donations welcome, 50% tax deduction

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