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inner ear anatomyOtology/Neurotology is a subspecialty of Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) dedicated to the diagnosis and medical or surgical management of disorders involving the ear and its related skull base structures, as well as certain areas of the central nervous system. It is a highly specialized area requiring at least 5 years of Otolaryngology residency training after medical school as well as additional formal fellowship training in Otology and Neurotology.

Our practice specializes in treating Conductive hearing loss:
tympanic membrane perforations, cholesteatomas, ossicular chain reconstruction, and laser stapes surgery.

Sensorineural hearing loss:
implantable hearing aids, cochlear implants, and auditory brainstem implants.

Balance disorders:
Meniere's disease

Neurotologic/skull base surgery:
acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, glomus tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, and facial nerve dysfunction (hemifacial spasm and facial palsy).

Adult and pediatric patients.