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Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing CEHC as your health care provider. Our providers are committed to providing you with the best medical care available at a cost that is both fair and reasonable. Please read this Financial Policy carefully and indicate your understanding and agreement with your signature and the date.

The following is our Financial Policy, which we require that you print off, read and sign prior to treatment (Download here):

  1. CURRENT INSURANCE CARD – Patients cannot be seen if we do not have a CURRENT insurance card. You will be asked for your CURRENT insurance card at each visit. If a CURRENT insurance card cannot be provided, you will have the opportunity to pay for the visit or reschedule. If your insurance changes and we are not notified, you will be responsible for all charges.
  2. CO-PAYS, DEDUCTIBLES, CO-INSURANCE – All co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance amounts are collected at the time of service. This includes any amount due for surgery or in-office procedures. Our contract with your insurance requires us to collect these fees; we are unable to waive or write-off any co-pay, deductible or co-insurance.
  3. OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES – Insurance companies do not cover miscellaneous supplies or administrative work, nor do we contract with insurance companies for coverage of hearing aids and related services/supplies.
    • SUPPLIES – Any supplies you receive from our office must be paid in full at the time of service.
    • HEARING AIDS – We will not bill for services related to a hearing aid consultation or purchase. We will provide you with a copy of the encounter detailing your visit to submit for reimbursement.
    • TESTING – Specialized testing performed by our audiologists may not be covered by your insurance. This includes some balance and vestibular testing that may be recommended by your doctor. For example, an SOT will require a payment of $100 at the time of service.
    • OUTSIDE FORMS – Disability forms, CMLA forms, leave of absence forms and/or any requested correspondence that is not associated with reimbursement of a claim will be charged to you prior to completion of the form and will be based on time and volume.
    • MEDICAL RECORDS – We will be happy to furnish you with a copy of your medical records. You will need to request the records in writing and a charge will be assessed based on time and volume. There is a two-week turnaround for all medical records requests.
  4. PLEASE REMEMBER – Your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. CEHC contracts with most major insurance plans; however, it is your responsibility to understand your coverage and benefits and to determine if our providers are in-network with your insurance.
    • BILLING INSURANCE – As a courtesy to you, we will file charges with your PRIMARY insurance company. We do not file charges with secondary or tertiary insurance; however, some claims may bill automatically if we have accurate secondary information. Charges not paid by your insurance company after 90 days will be billed directly to you.
    • AUTHORIZATION – If your insurance requires an authorization for an appointment with a specialist, it is your responsibility to obtain that authorization prior to your appointment. If you do not have an authorization, you will be responsible for charges at the time of service.
    • THIRD PARTY INSURANCE – We will not bill third party insurance. If your visits are being covered by Workman’s Comp or disability insurance, you will be responsible for all charges at the time of service. We will provide you with a copy of the encounter detailing your visit to submit for reimbursement.
    • NON-COVERED SERVICES – In the event your insurance determines a service to be “not covered,” you will be responsible for payment.
  5. NO-SHOW FEES – We require a 48 hour notice for proper cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment, surgery or in-office procedure. Failure to provide such notice will result in a $50 charge for an appointment and a $250 charge for a surgery or office procedure.
  6. SELF-PAY – If you do have health insurance, or we are not contracted with your insurance plan, you will be considered a self-pay patient and will be required to pay all charges, in full, at the time of service.
  7. DIVORCED/SEPARATED PARENTS of a minor patient – The responsibility for payment of services rendered to dependent children whose parents are divorces/separated rests with the parent who brings the minor to the office visit. Any court ordered responsibility judgment must be determined between the individuals involved and cannot be considered by this office.

Print a copy of the Financial Policy here