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Baha System

The Baha System is a surgically implanted device that works through direct bone conduction. It is used in treatment of conductive and mixed hearing loss, and also single sided deafness. The Baha system is a small titanium implant placed in the temporal bone behind the ear during a short surgical procedure. After about three months the device has osseointegrated (grown) to the bone, at which time the patient comes into the office for the attachment of the sound processor. Once the sound processor is placed the patient is able to hear. The Baha system is easy to clean, and comes with a soft brush that should be used daily to prevent skin build up inside the abutment or over the abutment snap. Regularly check the abutment to ensure it is firmly in place.

For more information on the Baha system visit Cochlear Corporation's website: www.cochlearamericas.com